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 Frequently Asked Questions  

Here are a few frequently asked questions that have been included to hopefully answer any common questions you may have. If you have a question that you don't see already answered then please contact Maria-Louise through the CONTACT page.
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Laundry Hanging

How do I customise my items?

I work with you to choose the right fabrics, and colours. I like to learn a little about the person it's for... Then I go with my instincts from there. Sometimes plans change slightly as I'm an artist as well as a seamstress and I trust my intuition to lead the way. But you will be kept informed to make decisions. Most customers give me a general overview and trust me to do the rest but I'm happy to have more input too.

Can I wash products?

Everything on my site is washable. Clothes come with care instructions, and all fabrics are prewashed before being sewn to ensure no shrinkage on your washing. I suggest wash at maximum of 40 degrees and line dry to prolong life of products.


Can I return a product?

Not in all circumstances I'm afraid. Products are made personally and nothing leaves without being to a high standard. I show customers products as I'm making them to ensure they are happy. So I have never to date had a customer receive something they are unhappy with. However in this situation each case would be reviewed on an individual basis.


Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, some items I can offer bulk discounts. It's always worth dropping me a message to ask. Dog bandannas are a popular bulk purchase for shops and dog breeders and their orders are welcomed.

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